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AV/Video Series 200 Production Music Library Exceptional Value and Variety!
Unlike libraries created "in-house" by a single studio, the "Series 200," offers true music diversity by bringing together music from a wide variety of east-to-west coast writers, producers, players, and studios.

AV/VIDEO SERIES 200 - Key Features:
  • Multi-purpose library for broadcast, video, film, multimedia
  • All themes are long-form (2-4 min. ea)
  • Plus :60, :30, and tag/logo vers. of each theme
  • Full-service variety from light & easy to hot contemporary edge
  • Select your choice of an Annual or Royalty-Free license
  • Total: 525 different compositions, 2,412 cuts on 41 CDs
  • Quick production music intro Series 200 production music catalog
    PG 241 Inspiration and Reflection
PG 240 Funky Road Trip
PG 239 Groove Cafe
PG 238 Action and Drama Rock

    Production music variety for every assignment!
  • Acoustic
  • Ambient
  • Atmospheres, New Age
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Christmas, Holiday
  • Contemporary edge
  • Corporate-Industrial, Technology
  • Country & Swing
  • Drama
  • Hi-energy action/sports
  • Hip Hop
  • Historical
  • Comedy and Novelty
  • Lite & Easy
  • Jazz and Fusion
  • Pop, pop-rock, fusion
  • Positive, motivational
  • Rock, soft to heavy
  • Urban & Techno

  • Hear each volume
    in the AV/Video Series 200:
    Production Music previews

    Long-form themes + all edits
    The "Series 200" library features full-lenth themes (average 2-4 min. ea.) on each CD and includes :60, :30, and :10 version. For other libraries featuring long-form themes plus edits, check out: Manchester   Metro

    Royalty Free License
    Select anything from 1 CD to the complete library with a cost-effective and hassle-free lifetime blanket usage license. You can also mix and match CDs with your choice of volumes from any of our other royalty free libraries.

    Annual Blanket License
    With this option you'll receive the complete SERIES 200 library plus free and automatic updates of all new releases. Or, for even more music library, match the SERIES 200 with your choice of any other annual license music libraries.

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    All Series 200 Volumes

    New CDs
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    To order, or for more information
    USA:   800-247-5317
    INTL:  210-530-5200
    FAX:   210-530-5230

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