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Classical Masterworks Production Music Classical Masterworks
Premium Quality "Classical" Production Music:
Never out of style, the pure and timeless qualites of classical music transcend and even form the basis for many other music genres. For some projects, only a Bach Concerto or Chopin Waltz will do, while for others a stirring Beethoven symphonic movement or Mozart Serenade serves as a refreshingly perfect solution. With "Classical Masterworks" from the Manchester Music Library, you'll be ready for any assignment!

Classical Masterworks I & II features:
  • Double CD production music set focused exclusively on classical music
  • Recorded in Europe featuring virtuosos instrumentalists
  • From solo piano to chamber music to full orchestra
  • Carefully selected group of most popular classical themes
  • Multiple versions and edits (from :10 to 8:00)
  • Total of 122 classical music tracks on 2 CDs

  • World-Classic Recordings
    "Classical MasterWorks I & II" equips you with a ready-to-go collection of classical production music featuring some of the best-loved musical masterpieces of all times. This double CD set is available as part of any licensed music plan from The Production Garden, or separately as a "buy-out" ("royalty-free") classical music package.

    Rates & Options
      Classical Masterworks CDs:
    MAN 023: Classical Masterworks I
    Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, & more!
    Production Music previews
    MAN 024: Classical Masterworks II
    Haydn, Handel, Bach, Strauss, Wagern, and more!
    Production Music previews
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