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Tune Ranch Production Library Saddle up for a wide ranging musical experience on The Tune Ranch!
Created in Nashville with lots of live instruments and real players, The Tune Ranch production music library showcases nearly 300 original broadcast retail and promo themes. This is highly usable mainstream broadcast variety at its best. The Tune Ranch features a great collection of American Rock, Country, Pop, and Jazz, plus many variations of warm, friendly heartland-America orchestral. Also included are Kids, Specialty, and Holiday themes.

  • Broadcast-focus production music library on 10 CDs
  • All tracks are :60s, :30s, :10s (+ 12 long-form)
  • Total of 291 different compostions / 766 tracks
  • Hear Production Music Samples
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    Jam-packed CDs offering exceptional value and variety
    Tune Ranch CDs each feature an average of 29 different tunes. For a small production music library (10 CDs) it covers a lot of ground both in terms of style and performance (avoids the "same-sound" pitfall of many libraries). All this at a great price - just $495 for the complete 10 CD set with a royalty-free lifetime usage license.

    A Live and Authentic Sound
    From a great collection of Rock, Country, and Jazz to warm Orchestral and light Solos, the Tune Ranch library keeps it real with lots of live instruments and real players. Recorded in Nashville featuring performances by top studio session players.

    Here's a breakdown of what's in the TUNE RANCH library:
  • ROCK (Nostalgia, Party, Southern, Sports, Rock 'n Roll - (30 themes/87 cuts) - 1 CD
  • JAZZ (Jazz combo, R&B, Big Band, Blues) - (20 themes/61 cuts) - 1 CD
  • POP (Adult Contemporary, Easy, Pop) - (34 themes/107 cuts) - 2 CDs
  • KIDS (Family, Kids, Postscore) - (41 themes/88 cuts) - 1 CD
  • ORCHESTRAL (Americana, Anthem, Interlude) - (48 themes/122 cuts) - 2 CDs
  • COUNTRY (C&W, Bluegrass, Gentle Country)- (32 themes/93 cuts) - 1 CD
  • SPECIALTY/MISC. (Drama, Novelty, Ethnic, Holiday, Christmas) - (38 themes/88 cuts) - 1 CD
  • INSTITUTIONAL (Corporate, Hi-Tech, Retail) - (38 themes/109 cuts) - 1CD

  • Royalty Free License:
    Select anything from 1 to all 10 CDs with a cost-effective and hassle-free lifetime blanket usage license (aka: royalty free license ). Mix and match CDs with your choice of volumes from any of our other royalty free libraries.

    Rates & Options     How to Order   
       Tune Ranch CDs Description
       TR 01: Pop 1 20 Upbeat retail pop music themes
       TR 02: Pop 2 17 Upbeat retail pop music themesx
       TR 03: Orchestral 1 17 Orchestral/Americana retail themes - upbeat
       TR 04: Orchestral 2 30 Orchestral/Americana retail themes - anthem & Interlude
       TR 05: Rock 30 Rock themes inc. Nostalgic, Party, Southern, and Sports Rock
       TR 06: Jazz 20 Authentic jazz themes inc. Big Band, Blues, Jazz Combo, R&B, Ragtime
       TR 07: Country 32 themes inc. Classic Country, Gentle Country, Bluegrass
       TR 08: Kids 41 Family friendly themes for kids of all ages
       TR 09: Institutional 38 Corporate, Hi-Tech, and Institutional retail themes
       TR 10: Miscellaneous 46 Variety themes inc. Drama, Ethnic, Holiday, Novelty, and Summer
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    To order, or for more information
    USA:   1-800-247-5317
    INTL:  210-530-5200
    FAX:   210-530-5230

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