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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Q: So what's different about The Production Garden?

A: We're not just "a" library but a unique synergy of 10 separate production music libraries offering exceptional variety both in terms of music styles and purchase options. Choose anything from a single CD to a comprehensive sound library resource of 200 CDs or more. Select an annual blanket plan or a lifetime blanket license. Get exactly the music you need, add digital effects for audio sweetning, or select from 48 different sound effect libraries.

Q. What's on a disc?
A: We offer three types of music CD volumes and libraries:

1. Broadcast Production Music Libraries
CD volumes in these libraries are loaded exclusively with 60:, :30, and :10 music tracks and give you the most variety per volume, averaging 17 to 40 different underlying compositions of music on each CD. Designed primarily for broadcast production, but also useful in corporate, multi-media, or any short form productions. Each composition occurs in a :60, :30, and :10 version for a total of 55 to 100 average total cuts per disc.
"Broadcast Libraries" include:
Music Street   MSE  Series 100  Tune Ranch

Note: The Metro Library is also popular for broadcast production and features both long and short-form versions.

2. Long-Form Theme Music Libraries
CD volumes in these libraries feature long-form themes averaging 2-4 minutes each and often include additional mix versions such as alternate arrangements and underscores. Short-form edits are also included ( :60, :30, and tag/logo edits). Each disc will average from 10 to 20 different underlying compositions of music per disc for a total of 50-70 cuts/disc with all edits and versions included.
"Long-form Theme Libraries" include:
Manchester   Metro   World Sounds   Series 200

3. Production Elements and Work Parts
CD volumes in these libraries feature short stings, sweeps, sparkles, etc. These quick efx elements typically are from :01 to :20 each. CDs will average at least 100 total cuts or more.
"Production Element Libraries" include:
Air Assault, PowerDisc, Stinger Tracks

Q. Is your music performed with live instruments or synthesizers?
A: Nothing replaces the sound of real instruments and players. We especially stress live instrumentation, but do use synths and acoustic samplers where appropriate. Many CD (such as orchestral, jazz, rock, country, or blues) feature live instruments exclusively. Others feature a mixture of live instruments and hi-quality "sampled" accoustic instruments. Certain contemporary edge styles feature sampled sounds and hi-end synth. All volumes are created by professional writers and producers who balance emerging music production technologies with the irreplacable sound of live instruments.

Q. How does your licensing work?
A: Production Garden's flexible licensing options include both annual blanket license and lifetime blanket license plans. We also offer unique lease-to-own options. Check out the Licensing Info page for more info.

Q. Do I have to order an entire library?
A: Single disc selection is available from most of our libraries. Also available are CD Six Packs, Starter Libraries, Full Library Plans with free updates, Library Resource Plans featuring both music, efx, and sound effects (up to 200 CDs or more).

Q. How soon can I get shipment?
A: Orders received by 3:00 PM CST are shipped the same day; two-day air and next-day air is available.

Q: Do you have discounts available?
A: A variety of discounts (generally from 5% to 30%) are available to non-profit organizations, colleges, universities and secondary schools, small-market users, government offices. Also, various discounts may apply depending on the size of your library purchase. Please call or e-mail for for details on available discounts:

Your question not covered here? We're always happy to help: 1-800-247-5317

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FAX:   210-530-5230

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