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Comments from our customers . . .

"Your production music libraries work like a secret weapon.
I've got both Manchester and Music Street libraries from The Production Garden. They're fresh, exciting, classy! First thing our client said was 'the music's perfect, where'd you get it?"
-- Peter Maus Productions, Chicago IL
"We're extensively using PG's MUSIC STREET production library
I've been very happy with the wide spectrum of music for all our promos, bumpers, and commercials."
-- Jeff Chung, KBFD TV, Honolulu
"METRO is a music library with attitude!
Spots or promos with music from METRO really stand out. It's loaded with lots of usable cuts, covering every possible style, tempo and mood."
-- Scott Taylor, Kicks FM 101.5 & Eagle 106.7, Atlanta GA
"The MANCHESTER music library has that magical quality
- just what you need on an important job.It sounds like an original score. It's always my first pick for important projects."
-- Edgar Mills, Northrop Grumman Corp.
"MUSIC STREET is really loaded with personality.
We use it consistently for a wide range of clients. Great contemporary variety"
-- Tim Fowler, Anderson Marketing Group, San Antonio TX
"We don't usually use library music, but MANCHESTER is different."
-- Chris Turgensen, Music Coordinator for NBC's Homicide, Life on the Streets
"Do I like this production library? Absolutely!
METRO is very fresh, contemporary, and true to style. I'm especially impressed with its authenticity; from street grooves to full orchestral, METRO is very real."
-- John Bowen, KMA Media Inc., Dallas TX
"We literally previewed 100s of CDs from your competitors!
But The Production Garden came out on top! Thank you for your no-nonsense approach to meeting our needs."
-- R.J. Paradee, First Impression Audio Advertising,Virginia Beach VA
"Our clients include Northwest Airlines, General Mills, and Seadoo.
We've gotten more mileage out of Production Music Libraries selected from The Garden than any other source."-- Lance Parthe, Parthe Productions, Duluth, MN
"Over the years I've worked with lots of production libraries.
I'm very impressed with METRO's range. Good usable variety and sonically it simply sounds great; it's very well produced and very acoustic."
-- Doug Grover, Bionetics Photo Services, Cape Canaveral, FL
"Production Garden has really enhanced my work greatly.
My clients really like the sound of the music. The latest update opens up more creative avenues!"
-- Mitch Gallager, Audio Impressions, Bedford, TX
"Our producers researched a number of different music libraries.
They all ending us choosing the same one: The Production Garden!"
-- J. Zucker, KHRR TV, Tucson AZ
"Don't think I have ever received so many compliments on a music library choice."
-- Jeff Prahm, Clear Channel Metroplex, West Palm Beach FL
"Just made a sale that wouldn't have been possible without your music!
Production Garden really came through. Keep up the good work!"
-- Lance Hildebrand, Xanthus Advertising, St. Louis MO
"I've become a fan of The Garden.
It's always the best production music library music at the best price."
-- Bob Lange, KSTP, Minneapolis MN
"We have other music libraries, but The Garden is different.
And the quality is Grade A."
-- Kip Klein, Penguin Production, St. Louis MO
"Great variety and very useful.
Put me down for your next CD release."
-- Gordon Miller, KXL, Portland OR
"Great stuff, and very well organized;
just grab a disc and go!"
-- Bill Johnson, KRAK, Sacramento CA
"Definitely my favorite production music library.
Sounds great; very affordable."
-- Tom Grinewich, KRDO TV, Colorado Springs CO
"I turn to the Broadcast Series 100 again and again.
Virtually everything in it is usable."
-- Tom Bryant, WSM, Nashville TN
"The Garden came recommended to us by another production company;
now we're recommending PG music libraries to others as well."
-- Patty St. Lawrence, Road Test Magazine; Nashville, TN

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